Are you still together?

I’ve been re-reading this blog for the first time in a while, and especially reading YOUR comments, YOUR stories, YOUR concerns, YOUR hopes, and it got me wondering….are you still together?

A couple of you have given me updates from time to time, but I would LOVE to know how your story turned out, good or bad. Would love to know what worked for you, and maybe what didn’t.

So I have a request….if you ever left a comment, would you mind sharing your update? Can be one sentence (or more!), would just LOVE to know what happened with YOUR STORY! :)

  • Marie:

    After these two years, I still find myself coming here. Except now, I’m coming here looking to the entires where you were getting ready for his return home. 12 day countdown. Holy smokes!! I’m so glad this blog is here for reading. It has always brought me sunshine and helped in every way possible. Hope you both are doing well!

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