How quickly does time go?

So I received this question recently–

My boyfriend just left for Uganda on Wednesday. I was really upset about it. And I miss him so so much! But reading your blog made me feel a lot better. I have sent him an email everyday that he has been gone telling him about my day just as I normally would. Today was the first time I have heard from him since he has actually been in Uganda. He responded back to all of my emails! It was the best feeling I have had this week! I’m wondering if looking back, did the time go by quickly?

I completely remember feeling so great when my bf was finally able to respond to my emails, was such a relief and made my heart beat a little quicker! ;)

So, does the time go quickly? Well, yes and no. I found the beginning and end to be the toughest. Both because there are so many high emotions flying around, excitement and fear of the unexpected. The time went faster when we had trips planned to see each other. I think at one point there was only three or four months between visits and that was pretty great, but the seven month stretch was really tough.

The way to make time go quickly, is to have trips planned to see each other as often as possible, and to keep yourself as busy as possible. Try to plan your own adventures while he’s away–just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you can’t take your own trips somewhere, or do something different!

My bf has now been back from his Peace Corps experience for almost two years–about the same time he was away in Kenya. I’m trying to think which feels longest to me, and I guess, it would be the time he was away. With him here, the days blend together more, and because we pass it together, it’s enjoyable, so maybe that’s why it seems to pass more quickly. With him away, it was tough, especially at the beginning it seemed like such a long time, but it is doable, just really tough to sometimes manage. You can do it though, just find a way to make the experience manageable for yourself!!

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