Trip Rundown

I’m back in the U.S. after my third trip to Kenya.  This trip might have been our favorite.  Here’s kind of a breakdown of the three trips:

Trip 1 (after being apart for the first five months, five months into bf’s service): Wonderful (most amount of vacation time of all the trips), but also after being away from each other so long there was some anxiousness on my part to make everything perfect.  Was still a wonderful trip, but there was also a little bit of an adjustment to finally have expectations meet up with reality.

Trip 2 (after being apart for four months, ten months into bf’s service): Great experience to be more involved in his daily work with the kids in his school and understand his day to day more–made me understand more where he has been coming from with hurdles and accomplishments in his daily life.  Also, expectations and reality were more in sync and we got to really connect with each other as a couple, without as much of the nervousness as the first trip.

Trip 3 (after being apart for three months, 14 months into bf’s service): Fun!  We have definitely gotten more into the groove of our LDR and this trip was all about just enjoying each other, relaxing, having fun and carving out a little normalcy in our activities (instead of all the amazing crazy adventures). Was really, really fun for both of us.

I think with all our time apart and time together we have learned how to be better friends and support systems to each other–we know each other more, and can sense what the other one can do to help out.  On this last trip especially, my bf was such a support when I was stressed about a couple things going on at home–was amazing to have him to lean on completely, and for him to literally offer his shoulder for support.  I felt (and feel) like an incredibly lucky girl.

Immediately on returning home, one of the first things I did was look up tickets for a trip back.  I can’t wait for Trip #4 and all the new adventures we get to share!

My Boyfriend Lives in Kenya….

I’ve finally decided to put my musings on my long-distance relationship into a blog because it is surprising how often the phrase “My boyfriend lives in Kenya” comes up in conversation and the various reactions or resulting discussions. Yes, my boyfriend lives in Kenya and I live in California, U.S.A. He has been away for ten months serving in the Peace Corps.

It is a very long way apart but thankfully technology has made daily communication possible.  There are definitely days when I wish he was closer, but overall this has been a positive experience for us and our relationship.  We have a little over a year left until he is back in the states, so until then, I will use this blog to recall some of my favorite or unique experiences that come with my boyfriend living in Kenya.

Feel free to share any of your own long-distance relationship stories as well!