Thinking of you

So even though my boyfriend is no longer in Kenya, and is a returned Peace Corps volunteer, I still think about this blog and think about all the couples out there who might be going through our past experiences. This was particularly jogged for me today, when I received a comment thanking me for this blog, and it made me feel great to know people are still reading it, and hopefully it is helping someone. I still think about all of you, and hope you are communicating, growing in your relationships and communicating (I know I said it twice, but as you know I think it’s super important).

If any of you in Internet land are still reading this blog, and have any questions or comments, please feel free to still send them my way, I would love to answer/help if I can. I would also love to hear (the good and bad), from any of you who previously wrote to me so we know how you are doing, and we can share what did or did not work.

Update about us! We just passed our one-year mark of living in a place together. We both have made professional transitions also in the past year, and additionally my bf has just completed his Master’s! What a year! Life is good. We still love each other, we still communicate daily, and we still talk of Kenya, and of one day returning to see old friends and places.

Kenya now seems like another life to me. Strange, it was less than two years ago that he was there, but the presence of now and our life now has taken over, and I am content in the what seems to be a more distant memory. Sometimes when I think about that two years in our lives, I wonder how we survived and actually beat the odds to stay together; it was honestly such a long time. But we did it. Somehow we managed, and you can also. Keep the faith (both of you), be honest with how you are feeling and communicate. Thinking of you and wishing you love and happiness.