Relying on Yourself

Since my boyfriend has been gone, little moments where I could have benefited from having my partner physically around have become apparent. Before you get too excited, I’m talking about more G-rated practical activities: taking me to the airport, helping with heavy boxes,  driving me to pick up my car from the mechanic, bug elimination etc.  In reviewing this list, I guess it doesn’t seem very romantic, but nonetheless they still make me miss my guy. I definitely miss the more romantic side of our relationship, but sometimes it’s the more practical daily moments where I miss him.

Yes, I can get friends or taxis to take me places, when my car is out of commission, and I can have friends help with heavy lifting, and no matter how much I squeal, I can absolutely handle bugs–I guess it’s just having your partner there to rely on.  I have always considered myself independent, and I have handled all the above items on my own, but ultimately it’s the little things in life that I do miss sharing.

I guess the thing that I tell myself when I’m facing these moments of independence is to enjoy them.  Just simply to sit back, problem solve and enjoy relying on myself to find the solution. What’s funny is that even with the long-distance relationship, and his absence in these little moments, the ways I solve certain problems or deal with different solo experiences, always make for great conversations when we are catching up and sharing our days.