Update About Us!

So big news to share!  We are officially moving in together!

We move into our place this weekend, and we are excited about this transition.  I know I previously mentioned that we would not live together, but….things change.  Basically, my boyfriend’s new job is about two hours away from my apartment where we are currently living.  Our friends are about 45 minutes away from my place also.  So after my boyfriend got his new job, he started looking into places a bit closer to his office, splitting the difference between my apartment and his work.  Then as he started looking more, and we started talking about it a bit more, we both realized we didn’t want him to have a roommate, and we both didn’t want to add an hour to our days commuting back and forth to our apartments, so living separately all of a sudden seemed pointless.

I always thought that I shouldn’t live with someone unless I was engaged or married; old-fashioned, I know.  A couple months ago though, I read an article that basically questioned why women feel that way. Is it right?  Justified? Do we need to be married?  It made me think about things a bit more, and open up a bit to the idea that things aren’t always cookie cutter, that maybe all rules don’t pertain to everyone.  Do I still want to get married?  Yes, absolutely. Right now though I am enjoying being present in my boyfriend’s life, and him in mine.  I am enjoying learning how we live together, and how we have become better and more amazing friends and support systems with each day.  I am loving having him back, and right now, the best choice for us, is to live together.

The thing that helped most in making our decision, was him staying with me the last few months.  Honestly, based on a past experience, I was so afraid that living together would kill the relationship for me–that I would feel trapped, the zest would leave the relationship, etc.  The opposite happened in our situation–we can’t get enough of each other, and we absolutely love spending time with each other, so to think about him moving an hour away from me, made us both sad and we pretty quickly realized that even though it’s still a little scary to be taking this grown-up step, we are both excited about moving under one roof together. So my apartment is in shambles, boxes everywhere, but I am happy, we are happy.  We are both looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, where we really get to be together everyday.

LDR without Technology in the Peace Corps

I just received this comment on the blog that I wanted to share with all of you.  (The comment structure is kind of weird on this page, and I can’t quite get it to do what I want, so wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this one).

Hello and thank you for this wonderful blog. I am currently in the 9th month of my peace corps service in Peru. I just wanted to leave a comment to encourage people who are in the first stages of a peace corps ldr- my boyfriend and I are doing great, even without technology like video skype or cell phones. A fundamental quality of being a peace corps volunteer is the resilience: the ability to face and overcome outrageous obstacles, all the while maintaining belief that anything is possible. This is what it means to be a peace corps volunteer. You have to believe that, even if a place and a people have a desperate lack of resources, with enough hard work and dedication life will get better.

I visited him (he lives in Japan) a month ago and, as was eloquently stated in one of the blog entries after a trip, the love that is there in letters in emails is just as strong in person. So don’t fret about if your significant other is going to be without the technology to talk to you every day. I live in a very rustic location and we get to exchange emails a few times a month. It still works. You can do it!

It was so great to read this comment, because it is so different from our experience.  We were definitely spoiled by his location and his access to technology, and honestly not sure how well we would have done without it–but I am so happy to hear it is working for you guys!  Congrats and keep us posted. :)