Watching Movies Together in a LDR

Date night was wonderful! Was very fun, I felt incredibly loved, and the whole experience made me very happy. I hope any of you in a Long Distance Relationship get to experience a “movie night” also, as it is super fun and a great way to connect.

Biggest comment about date night is actually a tip for anyone who wants to try watching a video at the same time with your partner while still remaining on Skype. The biggest problem is the audio sync situation.  You want to make sure that you are watching the movie at the same time, but also that you are not distracted by constantly making sure you are in sync.  Last “movie night” my bf had the PAL version which made an exact sync impossible as I was watching NTSC, which meant I kept having to catch up to his timing. This date night we both had NTSC, so it was much better.  I spent a little time at the beginning getting us to pause and play at the beginning so we would be in sync and it was pretty accurate.  The problem was the echo which was a bit distracting.  I ended up just muting my TV, and listening to the sound out of the Skype from my bf’s computer.  There was only one time I had to re-sync us, but the method of only having one source of audio was much easier and doable.

Yay, for date night!  It was exactly what I needed to put a little pep in my step.