Call Your Peace Corps Volunteer

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little down, but now I am feeling so much better.  Most shocking of all, we have been without Video Skype for about a week because my bf is traveling for work.  So what have we been doing instead? Using the phone!  The good old-fashioned non-Internet phone, and it’s actually been fun and kind of nice.  Don’t get me wrong, Video Skype is still my communication technology of choice but I’ve been enjoying our calls.  It also has been reminding me of the period of time when we had limited Skype.

I’m going to repeat myself here, but please, if you are going to be in a long-distance relationship communicate as much as possible.  When we exclusively only have the phone available (and even w/Skype) we speak at least once a day (unless we are traveling), and more likely twice.  It is a wonderful way to stay connected and feel like the other person is really a part of your day.

Anyway, even though I am a huge fan of Video Skype, this post is basically to say that phone calls can be pretty wonderful also.