New Entries to Help with Peace Corps Long Distance Relationships

Have really appreciated all your comments about how reading this blog has helped you!  Has meant a lot to me, that people are even reading this blog, and that secondly, my own experiences are helping others.

Since my boyfriend is now back, I’ve kind of been torn about what to do with this blog.  I originally thought that maybe I would use it to talk about the re-adjustment period, but honestly it has been going great.  So that may be a separate post.  Additionally, though, I was thinking of just kind of opening up the blog for your questions, and I can give you bits of advice based on what I have found.

So if you leave a comment, I will answer you back in blog form.  Hoping that is helpful, and a good place for everyone to share their own experiences!  There are already a couple comments in the pipeline that I will be responding to shortly.

Thanks again for your comments, they mean a lot to me. :)