My Boyfriend Is Out of Town

So my boyfriend has been out of town for the last couple of days but comes home tomorrow.  Now I know you might be thinking that sounds strange since my bf already lives completely out of my town; oceans away from me in fact in Kenya, but honestly he is is out of town.  He is not at his home, and is instead helping with a school trip.  I know I’m in a LDR but whenever he travels (and has limited computer/phone use) it always feels like he is away from home, our home.  Again, Skype, has spoiled us into a wonderful LDR routine of frequent wonderful video chats. Maybe I should rename this blog to “Why I Love Skype in my LDR”….

I’ve become so accustomed to seeing my bf in the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to sleep, so his absence on my computer screen is kind of sad–again I know this seems strange to say, but it’s kind of lonely in my apartment without him on Skype.  The good news about him being out of town, and for any of you in a LDR, is the realization that even though we are not physically close, our lives are definitely intertwined.  Our frequent communication and Skype chats (or iChats if you prefer), have brought us so close over this period of separation, that when we don’t get to see each other and chat frequently, I miss him.  Anyway, he comes back tomorrow, and it will be wonderful to have him back home on my computer screen again.

  • Ann:

    I can completely relate to your post. My boyfriend works out of the country on the other side of the world and when something messes up our routine, I miss him more. I think having a routine is what makes the distance bearable so when you or your boyfriend is traveling things feel different and you feel lonely.

    Distance is though. I’m enjoying your blog.

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