My Boyfriend is Back!

So….drumroll please, my boyfriend is back!! We did it!! We beat the 0% odds that the Peace Corps tells people you can expect if you are in a Long-distance relationship.  So for any of you doubting, or questioning if you can do it–you can, we are proof, and you should create your own success story!!

I would like to take a moment and say how grateful I am–I had an amazing support system the entire time my boyfriend was gone, in so many ways.  People made me feel loved and supported, they helped me when I was drowning a bit in sadness, and ultimately they supported both of us–my friends and family knew us and how much love there was between us and never tried to get me to see other people, or questioned what we were doing.  I think people knowing me, and knowing how I felt about my boyfriend, gave them every reason to help me/us see this through, and just be supportive.  Our families were also amazing–his family especially made me feel incredibly welcome and part of them, which meant so very much to me, and also helped me get to know him a little more, even in his absence.

I also want to mention something my boyfriend did before he left, which honestly, helped me a lot on those days I felt sad or disconnected; my boyfriend gave me a necklace.  It is a beautiful necklace, elegant and simple enough to wear every day, which gave me a daily reminder how much he loves me.  Any time I was feeling sad, I could immediately touch it and think of the love he was feeling for me even oceans away.  He gave it to me before he left, so I would know how much he loved me, and honestly it really did help.  I put it on in the mornings and could think about him, and it was a lovely reminder–even seeing photos of me over the last two years, has me wearing it quite a bit, which is a wonderful way that he made his presence known without even being here.

Also, a quick thank you to any readers of this blog.  Any time, any of you would write saying this blog was helping you feel encouraged in your own long distance relationship with someone in the Peace Corps, it also encouraged me to write more, and share more, which in turn helped me. So thank you!

So my boyfriend is back! He is back in the states, we have been hanging out for the past three weeks with only a couple nights apart, and it has been wonderful.  He is now back with his family for a few days, and I will visit him over the next couple of weekends (it is only a one-hour flight, which is incredible compared to the 30+ hour journeys I had to take the last couple of years).  In February, he is planning to move near me, and get a job in the area.  To answer the question that is typically asked when they hear he is returning, “No, we are not going to live together.” We both made this decision together-there are a few reasons this isn’t for us, mainly we want our relationship to work, and want to give it the best shot at succeeding.  While it would probably be okay living together, and we would adjust, we both get worried about having freakout moments where either or both of us feels smothered, since we have been in our own space for two years.  We also want to adjust to living in the same city, and seeing each other more frequently.  More likely than not, we will still spend most nights together, but it’s just having that option of our own space that we think is a good one to help with our transition into normal coupledom (whatever that means).

So how am I feeling? I love having him back, and having my guy around to hold hands with and go to the movies with.  I couldn’t stop saying “You’re here!!” the first couple weeks he was back–was just so oddly wonderful to have him back in my apartment in person, not just on Skype. Tonight is the first time since he’s been back that I’ve really been alone in my own space.  It feels very familiar to be alone, but I miss him already.  I think having a few days off after being together for the last few weeks will make our hearts grow fonder, and help us both adjust to life in the same country, same state, same place.  Since he returned during the holiday season, there was a lot of balancing family time, which was good but maybe a bit overwhelming for us.  He had a couple of moments where he needed some time, and I had a night where I was feeling a little overwhelmed but we told each other, and got what we needed.  I can again attest to the LDR making me a better communicator.

Even though my boyfriend is no longer in Kenya, I still think I’ll keep this blog for a little while longer, to help process the next few months.  I welcome any updates from any of you also (both good and bad) about your own Peace Corps LDRs–I think it’s good if we all help each other as much as we can.

  • Oh wow, thank you so much for writing and maintaining this blog! Even after your boyfriend returned! I’m going to Mali in 32 days to join Peace Corps, and my boyfriend and I are freaking out, way depressed and wondering how we’ll get through 27 months apart. I told him yesterday that I think about the moment in January 2014 when he picks me up from the airport and we say “we did it!” and this blog entry was amazingly a portrayal of that. You did it! I’m so happy for you. And I pray to the universe we will be as successful. I’ll have to read more of your entries to find specific advice on how to move forward the next two years. But at least I know – it’s possible! <3

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