My Last Ticket Is Booked!

I finally booked my ticket back to Kenya–it will be my final trip there before my boyfriend finishes his Peace Corps service.  I’m about 40 days away from getting on my last plane trip back to visit my bf and cannot wait to be in his arms again, and say a bittersweet goodbye to the place where I have spent the most time over the past two years (besides my own home in CA).   Am so looking forward to seeing him again, because it has been such a long time, but am also very aware that it will be my last trip to Kenya for a long time or even possibly (hopefully not) ever.

We are currently trying to determine where to spend our weekends, and if small side trips to other countries are doable or reasonable.  Even though Kenya is so close to so many other countries, the problem is that Kenya is a very poor country, so there are not a lot of Kenyans traveling, therefore airfare is not necessarily cheaper out of Nairobi than London for example.  The top options on our current list are Ethiopia (because it’s close) and Angola (because Kenya Airways is apparently having a special since they will start flying to that country soon).  So let’s see what we come up with!

We did make one major decision though about our travel plans, we decided where to spend our last weekend.  With all my trips out there, we had the luxury to stay in some really amazing places all over Kenya, and so we debated about whether to stay in a place we had been to previously or try something new.  We both are very adventurous, but since this is our last weekend together in Kenya, we decided to revisit one of our favorite places where we know what is available to us and take the guesswork out of whether or not we will like the locale we choose.  I think this was an excellent choice, and the more I think about this place, the happier I am.